The Basra Girls and Their Teddy Bears

Last August, Netasha asked for some photos of her new little girl Deeya – we had a great shoot and she gave me a call again this August for a follow up, this time with all the Basra girls.  Deeya has been showing her own little personality for some time now so it was high time to do it all over again. It was great for me too as I got to spend more time with my nieces!

We headed over to nearby Stafford Park and had some fun with their Teddy Bears in a nice shaded area. The funniest moment during the shoot came when I complemented Kiran (‘Kinny’, blue shirt) and Neela (‘Neely’, pink shirt) on their ease in front of the camera lens, just as their mommy was, due to her modeling background. At which point Kinny very decisively replied “Yes but I want to be known for my brains, not my beauty!” Nothing wrong with that I think as they both really are very smart little ladies.

You can tell from their photos though that little Neely loves the lens and has her own thing going on. So nice to see the differences between the girls as they are growing. Here’s to watching my little nieces grow into happy little people!