Tiffany & Dave Welcome Baby Ethan

This fall Tiffany called me up to tell me how her son Ethan was thriving now that he’s out in the big wide world. She said he was sleeping well, eating well, and everything seemed to be going alright. I thought to myself ‘are we both talking about a baby here, because I know babies usually cause a whole lot more fuss that what she’s saying!’. ¬†Our own little Owen was not the easiest little thing to handle when he came out, in fact I distinctly remember naming him Genghis Kan for his prodigious lungs and screaming abilities… and the fact that he would turn beet red and shake all over when we bathed him.

At any rate, we set up a time to get together and we went to it – with me snapping away with my camera rig, being very mindful of all the warmth requirements, visual and auditory affects that babes are subject to, that can have a negative effect on their mood.

This kid was a rock! No fuss, no displeasure, really I think we could have rolled him like dough on the grass and he wouldn’t have said anything…. not that I would do that, ha ha! But seriously, this was hands-down the easiest baby/family shoot I’ve ever had – little Ethan hung on through the whole park shoot and even a venue change to my studio without much complaint. Congratulations to Kerry and Dave – you’ve got quite the little man there!