Doug & Christy Had A Bunch

Christy and I had been trying to get together for a long time to get some family shots of her with daddy Doug and their happy little band of ankle biters. An opportunity finally presented itself so we decided to shoot at McMaster University campus grounds as this is where Doug and Christy first met each other and fell in love.  Doug was a member of the Mac swim team, had achieved some success in air band competitions at the ‘faculty hollow’ grounds where his exploits caught Christy’s eye.  They actually ended up meeting at Whidden Hall in between typical university adventures and the result as you can see is a small pack of smiling kiddies.

I have to tell you it looks like a great day in the pictures but if was anything but balmy. Everyone was handling it well except for poor little  Clara (their youngest) who really had a heck of a time maintaining a smile.  After much Clara management, someone decided to bribe her with money. All of a sudden the need for Clara management went out the window!  In the last picture of this post you can see Clara’s little left hand balled up in a “this is MY quarter!” configuration. From then on all we had to do was say “who’s got money!” and a big smile would erupt on her face.

This made things easier on the rest of the kids too – there’s Lauren – their eldest, Jacob – now a big boy compared to the last time I saw him, and little blond haired Daniel who reminds me of a baby Daniel Craig of James Bond fame. Wherever these little muttskis careers end up down the road, I know Clara is going to be involved in the financial world somehow!

Glad we finally got the chance to get together guys! Cheers