Morgan at One

This fall I got a surprise call from Kathryn, mommy of Baby Morgan that I photographed last year around this time.  Seems mommy has been taking a lot of pictures of Morgan and daddy Ricky, but noticed that she’s never in any pictures with Morgan and Ricky together. That’s where I come in she said, and so I did.

She’d called me at just the right time as the leaves were at just the right point, turning their most vibrant colours with winter’s inexorable approach. Last time we got together for photos Morgan’s dad couldn’t be there, but this time schedules were kind and Ricky was able to join us. Ricky and Kathryn are both busy horse racing trainers, with Ricky having some experience actually riding the horses back in the day as well.

Considering it was the end of the day, Morgan did amazingly well – we were able to get laughs out of her and have some fun but her face really lit up when dad Ricky joined us at the park.  You can understand why as Ricky clearly adores his little girl. Have a look at the pictures and see the beautiful combination that is little Morgan.