Tim, Morgan, and Avery Go for a Stroll in the Leaves

Last year around Christmas time I photographed Avery’s busy birthday party and then got busy with next year’s photography projects.  Avery’s dad Tim is the owner of Average Joe Sports Club that operates from Burlington out to Mississauga and Avery’s mommy is part of the management team of a major retail giant so finding just the right time to shoot can be tricky. Though we’d stayed in touch through Facebook, Tim and I hadn’t talked much until he called me late this summer wanting to book something for his family for the fall.

From a photographer’s perspective, it has been hard to find days that work for everyone’s schedules where mother nature would cooperate too.  Add that to waiting ’till just the right time for my favourite woods to peak to just the right colour.  At last everything came together so Tim and Morgan packed little Avery into the car for a visit to Tansley Woods.  We had a fairly easy shoot – the best strategy we found with this active, independent little tyke was to walk, play, take picture!, walk, play, take picture! and that we did, with some great results.

I love hearing from people out of the blue.