Renee & Rudi – I Mad Love You

When I lived in Vancouver many moons ago, there was a guy I knew that had a phone number that spelled “mad love.”  The term stuck with me and this month I saw it in Renee and Rudi. I spent some time getting to know them at a Starbucks before we got together to shoot – I could already see how amazing they were together. They love cooking, are the proud parents of Paprika, their spunky little pet ferret, and love playing pranks on each other.  Just underneath all the ribbing that Renee dispenses on Rudi’s indulgent shoulders lies a mad love that seems to refuse definition.  Though already awesome one her own, Renee seems to shine whenever she’s around Rudi and from time to time Rudi is inspired to compose the odd verse to his mad love.  Seeing a couple’s inner beauty in everything they do is one of the things I truly enjoy about shooting love.