Ursula & Cory’s Wedding

Last year I had the pleasure of photographing my son’s teachers for their engagement, this year was their day at last to be married. These two loved the kids they taught so much they reserved a row for them at their wedding ceremony. Both families were fun to watch as they got their respective members ready, though not necessarily on time, lol!  It didn’t matter in the end though, everything was perfect. Even the torrential downpour that day agreed to cease and desist so Ursula & Cory could get their outdoor photos at the Royal Botanical Garden grounds. Gosh, Ursula sure was a pretty bride as you’ll see, and the bridesmaids said Cory was a bit of a catch too. Before finishing off our photo session and heading off to the reception, we made a quick stop where they met and worked, at the Burlington Childventures Early Learning Academy for a photo.

I wish I could post more photos because we got tons of great images that day. It was great to send these two off with all their memories in hand. Best of luck to a great, deserving couple.