Jacqueline & Shane Engagement

Jacqueline & Shane have been together for 7 years, ever since Shane saw her at work and stepped in front of her in the aisleway to introduce himself to this pretty lady. Now he had a big burly beard at the time, but still managed to get her details from a friend and ultimately dupe her into loving him! ha ha! Seriously though, look at how much fun these two have together – during the shoot we tried a few “blue steel” looks but I quickly realized that their true nature lit up when they were being frivolous and fun.

They’d ultimately like to live in Burlington so we shot at locales in town, ending up at Spencer Smith Park, watching the sun go down and enjoying the model boats making their way around the pond. ┬áCan’t wait to see where these two end up going. He’s an electrician that gets to travel for work from time to time and she’s an arts major, working on her big break. They’re both snowboarders, so I know they’ll hit the slopes this winter. Hiking’s a big thing for them too, in fact Shane proposed to Jacqueline at the top of Mt. Baker in Washington state… hmmm, sounds like something I would do! Congratulations you guys!