Anju & Michel Engagement at Rideau Falls | Burlington Wedding Photographer | Wedding Photography

As with many young professionals, Anju & Michel met at work in the nation’s capital. Working at Foreign Affairs they had worked together for some time. Though Michel moved on to work with the NCC (National Capital Commission), their romance continued and this year they will be joining their Indian and French Canadian cultures in an intimate wedding with friends and family.

At the beginning of our shoot, we came across two families of Canadian geese! The little goslings were waddling around, happily munching grass, honking away, not paying any attention to us. We kept a healthy distance of course, but couldn’t resist capturing a few snaps as they ambled along in their daily lives.

I’m honoured to be covering their day and look forward to seeing these two build their lives together. Looking forward to your wedding this September guys, I know it will be great!