Renee & Rudi Awaiting Baby Isabel | Maternity Photos at Home | Burlington Wedding Photographer

If you’ve visited here before you’ll know Renee & Rudi. We’ve been friends since their hilarious engagement session a few years ago. I photographed their destination wedding in Cuba and “Day After” photos as well. I rarely see a couple this completely and ridiculously into being with each other every moment of every day. It’s amazing. I haven’t seen a speck of their love diminish since that first shoot. Rudi makes all us men look bad – he leaves special notes around the house for her all the time, and sometimes with the note is a scavenger hunt message that leads her to presents he’s purchased for her while he’s been away for work. It seems their central thought is to remember why they gravitated towards each other at the beginning of it all.

They’re about to embark on one of life’s greatest, most challenging stages. Jane and I were there just over ten years ago now, and I can still remember all the trepidation I felt as the days approached. These two? nothing. They can’t wait to get on with this part of their journey. They are going to be excellent parents, you can see it.

By the way, this is only part one of Renee’s maternity photos. We did this low-key session in their home, where they were most comfortable. Now we’re awaiting just the right spring conditions for Renee’s solo maternity photos. Please come back and have a look later this month 🙂