Renée & Isabella in Niagara Blossoms | Burlington Photographer | Niagara Wedding Photographer

Patience is a virtue. Imagine trying to find a day when mom is available, it becomes warm enough (at long last), the blossoms are still on the trees, and the glorious sunshine is out at the right time.  I had been keeping in touch with Renée & Rudi for weeks for this when the day came at last and thank goodness we seized the opportunity when it arose! I had been worrying about missing the opportunity to shoot as Renée’s due date was rapidly approaching and the blossoms were starting to fall, not to mention that Renée’s mother had sewn her a beautiful maternity dress for the shoot.

Literally five days after these photos were taken, Renée & Rudi were joined by their long-awaited Isabella on Victoria Day Weekend. I am happy to share that mother, baby, and nervous daddy are all doing very well. My sincerest best wishes to you both on this next stage of your lives.