Katie and Christian Take an Urban Stroll

The second engagement shoot we did that day was for Katie and Christian, a refreshingly bohemian couple that loves the downtown vibe. This pair have been together for 3 years now and are about to move back to their hometown of Thunder Bay to take the plunge so to speak but wanted to have their engagement photos done in Toronto to remind them of their time here together.  They had already scouted out the shoot locations so we just grabbed our gear and followed them around.

As we captured their images that sweltering afternoon, we started to think we’d all melt under the battering rays of the sun.  No worries though as Katie and Christian kept us going with their buoyant spirits, a few laughs and the occasional cold one at the local pub – what a great way to help your photographers beat the heat!

Katie’s bashful charm and Christian’s fun-loving nature combined to produce some great moments shown below.  If you folks ever get tired of the T-Bay, we’re sure Toronto could benefit with you here. Here’s wishing a sincere bonne-chance to a lively, deserving couple!