Netasha & Harjit Welcome Baby Deeya

Baby shoots can sometimes be a challenge – the boss of the whole show is a little bundle of potato-ey knees and elbows that is making up its schedule as it goes along, with parents and a photographer doing their best to keep pace.  The moms are always fun to watch – take the case of Netasha with her new girl – her pride and joy, little baby Deeya.

Netasha is no novice to photography shoots or babies as she is a former model and she’s already raising two great little girls named Kiran (“Kinny”) and Neela (“Neely”) who appear in the Families gallery on this very website.  What was the most comical about this shoot was not the little bundle of wiggliness, but the mommy – who couldn’t help but lean in for kisses every 2-3 seconds on toes, nose, ears, forehead, cheeks, etc., thus blocking the shots.  No worries though as we had a laugh over it, and after all it is the digital world so I was able to easily discard numerous pictures of the back of Netasha’s head, to keep the gems that became her photographs.

It’s reassuring to know that regardless of any little hiccups along the way during a shoot, we always get great results.  Congratulations to Netasha and Harjit on their new bundle of sunshine!