The Williams Family Gift For Their Grandparents

Ask grandparents what their greatest joy in life is and they most certainly will reply “Well our grandchildren, of course”.  What better gift then for said elders than a gift of photos with their favourite people in the world.

This is just what Brent and Michela did this past Thanksgiving weekend.  Normally making their home in beautiful San Francisco, California, Brent and Michela, appearing in the first of the photos in this post, were in Barrie for Brent’s parents’ 50th anniversary and their family reunion.  I got the call from Brent and zipped up to Barrie for the shoot and spent some time with their whole gang on their home turf. What a warm, lively bunch of people – it seems I gravitate to these kinds of people;  I couldn’t be happier.  It’s been said that the leaders set the tone for a group.  Well done Brian and Jackie, and a sincere congratulations on 50 years of togetherness!