Annalee & Cameron

Love comes when you least expect it. That’s what happened to Annalee and Cameron seven years ago, when they were happily going about their separate lives.  Their friends set them up on a blind date at a place called the Whistling Walrus and these two kids have been sharing their lives together here in beautiful Burlington ever since.  When they decided to make their union official, they gave me a call to photograph their wedding.

I met them at their home earlier this summer and we toured the back yard where their artistic green thumbs have produced a lush, colourful garden.  This is where an intimate gathering of friends and family will be joining them next summer as they are married to each other. All they wanted from me was a simple, meaningful documentation of their day.  Seeing how much they meant to each other though we upped the ante with a fall engagement shoot.

We had a great time during our longer than expected engagement-shoot day together – I love watching a couple out of the corner of my eye when they think I’m not looking to catch them sharing a inside joke or personal insight.  Though I’ll save those photos for their eyes only, here’s the ones that show their personalities best.  Congrats Annalee and Cameron, looking forward to your big day next summer!