Ali & Atoosa Welcome Baby Ava

Whenever I get together with a couple and their newborn, there’s concern about how their baby is going to perform under the lens. The more I shoot newborns though, the more I’m seeing how resilient these little unfinished sacs of kid really are. Ali and Atoosa came to me with little Ava who as it turned out, was a natural with the camera. It wasn’t hard to get her smile on despite the big lens and flashing lights as you’ll see in this post.

I also like watching the parents slowly warm up to the camera after milk breaks, bum changes or requisite fussiness intermissions. When I’m lucky, we share a laugh, the parents relax and their warmth for their family unit starts to show through – often those are the best photos.

Congratulations Ali and Atoosa, and welcome to the world baby Ava.