Ursula & Cory – Lots of Work and Plenty of Play Make Us Great Together

Four years ago, my wife Jane and I had to arrange ‘childcare’ for our son Owen in a hurry.  The only opening available to us was at Childventures Early Learning Academy.  It’s clear to me now all things happen for the best – our son is being taught by some very, very awesome people.  He never dreads going to school and sometimes has so much fun he doesn’t want to leave his friends and teachers. Ursula and Cory are just two of the fantastic childhood educators at Childventures that have been helping raise our Owen.  So how on earth do you say Thank You to people that are helping you raise your child so well?

I knew something between these two was going a couple of months ago when they were organising and planning yet another chalk filled day of fun and learning together. I thought to myself in passing: “These two are having WAY too much fun together….while they’re working!”  That was the last connection I noticed out of these two until just the beginning of this month, when I brought the topic up during dinner conversation with close friends over wine. “I’m telling you there’s something going on between those two… ” I assured them.  Sure enough not two days later, word spread that Cory had proposed to Ursula. Boy did I feel full of myself!

So while congratulating them over their engagement I saw a way to give back. This engagement session was my way of saying a heart felt thank you and sending Cory & Ursula off on their way with photos that will last them a lifetime.  I have to tell you something really hit home while we were shooting their photos – their pure sense of joy in each other’s company. Have a look at the photos – you’ll see what I mean.  Best of luck you two!