Mohit & Kajal – Love Can Transport Us – Anywhere We Want

It’s an amazing thing to know someone at a very young age and to then see them mature into adulthood.  This is the case with the little boy I knew in Mohit who has grown into a successful professional, now a practicing osteopath in Ottawa.  What would you expect such a man to do but find someone of equal professional caliber. That’s just what he did when he found his lovely young lady Kajal.  Kajal makes her home here in the GTA but this was no barrier Mohit, who happens to teach a health & wellness class at the McMaster University campus in Hamilton.  They both make trips to be with each other frequently and have even traveled to Florida to spend time at the Khosla clan’s winter home.  These travels will only be a tip of the iceberg however as they are sure the visit exotic lands to satisfy their love of travel.

Mohit (who I now know as “moe_lata”) and Kajal both share a deep love of family, culture and movie- watching so it was no surprise when they both felt that something special just a few weeks into their budding relationship.

When it came time to photograph their engagement session I tried to capture the fun they have in each other’s company as well as their urban vibe.  We split the photo session in two and headed first to Hidden Valley Park in Burlington and the next morning hit Bloor Street in downtown Toronto. I asked Shawn MaGill to come along on the first day as he’ll be helping me shoot their wedding this June. We had all had a great time together – thanks for your help Shawn!

I’ll be photographing their wedding festivities this June at a number of different pre-wedding events that are sure to bond their two families together for a lifetime.