Kajal & Mohit – Punjabi Verve with Gujarati Style

It’s a shame there is no preparation or training guide for an Indian wedding. These weddings are absolutely packed with fun, ceremony, and a multitude of extended family members that camp out with you for weeks before and after the wedding date. It’s no wonder then that the day itself can be exhausting. But what a day it turns out to be. The colours, the dancing, and general extorting of funds from the groom by the wiley bridesmaids (twice!) all combine to provide a generous sprinkling of indian masala to keep things lively. Kajal & Mohit and their families put on a great day for their loved ones as you’ll see.

For a couple that shares such a deep respect and love for their family, there were no half measures on their important day. Not only did they have both a punjabi and gujarati style wedding, they had numerous stops afterwards to pay their respects to family members and a temple visit, not to mention a stop at Chinguacousy Park for a photo shoot with yours truly before finally getting to their hotel to get ready for the night’s big party.

Be prepared, this is a big post but take your time scrolling through, the pictures capture the joy the families have for each other and the spirit of the day. It’s worth it as towards the end you’ll see Mohit’s awesome serenading dance of his sweetheart during the reception.

Special thanks go to Shawn Magill for helping out with the photography the day of the shoot – thanks Shawn, couldn’t have done it without you.