Your Photographer :)

Hi, my name is Sunny – I’m a wedding photographer. I’m based in Burlington but happy to travel to the far corners of the earth for a destination wedding or photo session. I’ve got a great little wookie-haired boy named Owen and a wonderful wife in Janer, my love and best friend.

When Jane and I first met, I was a health & safety consultant. I was doing valuable work but I had always dreamed of becoming a photographer.

Years later, I finally made my dream a reality. Since I made that leap of faith, Jane says I’m a better father and much happier in general. She’s right – I love what I do. I get a thrill out of bringing out the best in people and making them look amazing. We usually have a lot of fun on the shoot too, which really shines through in the images.

I’ve always had a knack for capturing peoples’ emotions. I love watching the cues that people give off, revealing how they feel. That’s what attracted me to wedding photography. The emotions are so raw, the cultures so fully in bloom, the joy of the family so palpable – how can you not enjoy being around it?