As with many young professionals, Anju & Michel met at work in the nation’s capital. Working at Foreign Affairs they had worked together for some time. Though Michel moved on to work with the NCC (National Capital Commission), their romance continued and this year they will be joining their Indian and French Canadian cultures in an intimate wedding with friends and family.

At the beginning of our shoot, we came across two families of Canadian geese! The little goslings were waddling around, happily munching grass, honking away, not paying any attention to us. We kept a healthy distance of course, but couldn’t resist capturing a few snaps as they ambled along in their daily lives.

I’m honoured to be covering their day and look forward to seeing these two build their lives together. Looking forward to your wedding this September guys, I know it will be great!







Gorgeous Fiona contacted me last fall about her 2014 wedding to her fiancee Roman (Ray).  They’ve got a great little bundle of joy named Ava who’s already walking and has mommy’s eyes. Fiona’s other pride and joy in her life is her teen daughter Alyssa. You would think they were sisters from Fiona’s facebook photos – as it’s clear their relationship is fantastic.

Fiona and Ray initially met three years ago at a church function. Ray had taken notice of Fiona and had been so impressed, he turned to his friend Paul and said “There is the woman I am going to marry.”  They were friends for some time, going on coffee & chocolate dates together and simply enjoying each other’s company before Fiona began to develop the kind of feelings that brought them together. What really cemented things for her involved one of Ray’s passions in life – being on the water and sailing his boat. You should know Fiona gets white-knuckled anytime boats are in the mix. The day Ray took Fiona out though, his calm, confident manner put her at ease and they ended up having a wonderful time. Fiona shared with me that it was Ray’s inner strength and joy for life’s experiences that won her love during their early days together. As for Ray, her intimated to me that Fiona’s warm, easy smile, kind heart and wonderful manner attracted him from the start, not to mention how pretty she is of course!

So this spring we just had to take advantage of the spring blossoms for their engagement photos. I took them out to a secret spot in the niagara region for a private shoot where they could feel comfortable and be themselves. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the photos. Truth be told though, when you get a couple like this it’s so easy to capture their love, and capture it we did!





A little while ago, I was called along to assist on a project with some people I seriously admire. It was a lot of fun watching the results come together and it always feels great when people are happy with your contribution to the results. But imagine my excitement when I was given the chance to capture some of my own photos!  Here are some of my favourites. I can’t be grateful enough.  If you’re searching for amazing creations for your wedding, go see Tara Fava JewelleryInes Di Santo‘s timeless dresses, Dawna Boot‘s makeup wizardry, and Allison Kam‘s hair sculptures. Last but most importantly big thank you to Krista Fox for including me in this project.

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