Patience is a virtue. Imagine trying to find a day when mom is available, it becomes warm enough (at long last), the blossoms are still on the trees, and the glorious sunshine is out at the right time.  I had been keeping in touch with Renée & Rudi for weeks for this when the day came at last and thank goodness we seized the opportunity when it arose! I had been worrying about missing the opportunity to shoot as Renée’s due date was rapidly approaching and the blossoms were starting to fall, not to mention that Renée’s mother had sewn her a beautiful maternity dress for the shoot.

Literally five days after these photos were taken, Renée & Rudi were joined by their long-awaited Isabella on Victoria Day Weekend. I am happy to share that mother, baby, and nervous daddy are all doing very well. My sincerest best wishes to you both on this next stage of your lives.





I first met Matthew while he was a groomsman for Paul’s wedding to Jenna that I photographed in 2015. When Matthew contacted me, I remembered him instantly as the man with the great hair, ha ha.  It follows of course, that he would be courting such a beautiful woman as Litsa. Both of Mediterranean descent, Litsa’s roots trace back to Greek Macedonia while Matthew’s go back to the Italian peninsula.

I already had a good feeling about Litsa & Matt when we met to talk about their wedding, but it was during their engagement session that I could really see how great they were to each other. They both love soccer of course, but I was thrilled to see just how GAME they were for each other’s interests and their desire to include them in the photos. As you’ll see, Litsa had never been on a skateboard of any kind but was very much into giving it a try, since long boarding had been a big part of Matthew’s past. Matthew for his part was completely in to the session, not afraid to show his love for Litsa. I can only see joy in their future; this kind of couple is the reason I do this.

Being Game for your partner is probably one of the best things you can do to show your love. Not everyone in the world is super demonstrative with their affections and many of us are not into public displays and that’s okay. Just being Game shows how you feel. It’s no secret men don’t “love” having their picture taken for this kind of thing, so my goal is to let the emotions show through while letting the man keep his dignity and have the couple walk away genuinely looking forward to their wedding day photos.

I’ll be photographing Litsa & Matthew’s wedding this July and I can’t wait. I hope you’ll visit me on my Facebook page on August 11th for their sneak peek.

Oh and one last thing – I’m also going to be photographing Matthew’s sister Stephanie’s wedding this year too.  Look for her engagement photos here next week! 🙂

If you’ve visited here before you’ll know Renee & Rudi. We’ve been friends since their hilarious engagement session a few years ago. I photographed their destination wedding in Cuba and “Day After” photos as well. I rarely see a couple this completely and ridiculously into being with each other every moment of every day. It’s amazing. I haven’t seen a speck of their love diminish since that first shoot. Rudi makes all us men look bad – he leaves special notes around the house for her all the time, and sometimes with the note is a scavenger hunt message that leads her to presents he’s purchased for her while he’s been away for work. It seems their central thought is to remember why they gravitated towards each other at the beginning of it all.

They’re about to embark on one of life’s greatest, most challenging stages. Jane and I were there just over ten years ago now, and I can still remember all the trepidation I felt as the days approached. These two? nothing. They can’t wait to get on with this part of their journey. They are going to be excellent parents, you can see it.

By the way, this is only part one of Renee’s maternity photos. We did this low-key session in their home, where they were most comfortable. Now we’re awaiting just the right spring conditions for Renee’s solo maternity photos. Please come back and have a look later this month 🙂