Since their first social encounter, Monika & Moez have been loving Toronto, exploring all it’s secret pathways and hidden park gems. During their long walks, they discovered they didn’t just share a love of the city, they found they had the same sense of humour, with Monika giving as good as she got, to Moez’s irrepressible playfulness.  Apart from their mutual love of travel and pleasure in each other’s company, Monika spoke to me about her admiration of Moez’s community service work through his charitable Hockey For Youth organization. In our ever-changing world, his organization is one of many that is quietly helping move us forward by eroding social barriers to progress.

We photographed their wedding portraits at the stately Aga Khan Museum grounds and the neighbouring Ismaili Centre; two more of Toronto’s many hidden cultural blossoms. As they are both busy professionals, they’ve had to put off their honeymoon until next year, though I’m certain an epic voyage of their own design is in store for them. Here’s to new friends and their bright future together!