Shannon & Crystel contacted me after a thorough web search and insisted they have a sunrise engagement session. You know, the internet actually works – who knew! It was already October, but one must be adventurous – no cold weather was going to stop us!  So down we went to the Burlington waterfront – the results were just magic, I’m pleased to say. We had to re-convene to another day as my hands could no longer keep the camera still but that worked out too as you’ll see in the photos that follow.

I’m honoured to be chosen to capture Shannon & Crystel’s wedding in Tulum, Mexico, later this year. We’ll be making it special for them, so keep an eye out for destination images in November 2016.



Earlier this summer I took Soraya + Tim out for their engagement shoot. We headed out to Port Dover as they both hail from that area. Soraya’s son Roman came along too, that good looking little guy did a great job smiling for the camera as you’ll see.  I’ll be capturing their wedding this fall, should prove to be a lot of fun. See you then guys!